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Three Core Values

Tunnels are valuable lifelines that are indispensable for transporting goods and energy as well as facilitating human interaction. We could say they are truly the "arteries" of the earth. Since its establishment in 1973, Gifu Industry has contributed to the creation of arteries around the world by developing a wide variety of construction equipment that improves construction quality, shortens the periods, and places safety first at sites. Our "Development Capability" for advanced products based on its outstanding "Technological Capability" with the skilled "Human Resources". By combining these three forces, we have achieved steady growth while holding a substantial share in the tunneling formwork market in Japan. We will continue to leverage its three core values and pioneer a new era by creating arteries that lead to our future.

Advanced Development

Aiming to improve construction quality, shorten the periods, and increase safety at construction sites, we are developing a wide variety of products that bring the innovative advance to tunneling, bridge and pier construction, beyond conventional ways of thinking.

Outstanding Technology

The high dimensional processing equipment and relating skilled technology that have supported our product development have been attracting new demands from customers, and we have been receiving orders for a wide variety of manufacturing and machining operations. Our high-quality laser cutting technology also meets the demands in various fields for not only tunneling but also other construction.

Professional Human Resources

From product development, design, manufacturing, and processing to maintenance services, our skilled team of engineers who have acquired a variety of specialized skills support the manufacture of arteries worldwide by showing outstanding capability with boundless passion.